Preparation of artificial lawn before bonding

- May 15, 2018-

Preparation of artificial lawn before bonding:

1. It is necessary to clean and clean the artificial lawn bottom, non-woven fabric and joint cloth that need to be bonded, and the appearance is dry and moisture free.

2, the environment temperature should be selected for construction above 5 centigrade, and it should not be constructed under the weather of rain and plum rain, otherwise it will cause the time of the artificial lawn to be too long and even lead to the non stick appearance.

Artificial lawn adhered to the detailed construction process:

(1) gelatinized: the demand is brushed on the surface of the artificial lawn, the thickness is uniform, and the glue can not be repeated. Otherwise, it will show bubble appearance and even fall. The bottom cloth is coated with glue. Strictly control the thickness of the glue. Note that the glue speed should be appropriate, and the adhesive should be applied to the two adhesive surface.

(2) adhesion: according to the time temperature, humidity, air pressure and other conditions of the actual impact, reasonable control of the airing time. Usually, 10-30 minutes after gelatinization, the glue will reach eight or nine of the dry hands. The need for adhesive bonding when bonding. Cutting is not allowed to move back to the bonded artificial lawn after bonding.

(3) pressure: after the adhesion is good, remove its appearance, and use a special artificial lawn rubber hammer from the adhesive place to the two ends to hammer hard, so that the appearance of its appearance is dense, and the bonding is more strong.

(4) curing: the curing time is usually three days, and the detection end strength is usually ten days. Therefore, during curing time, it is necessary to pay close attention to protecting artificial turf, preventing excessive exposure, flooding and moving to achieve better bonding condition.

(5) cleaning and disposal of artificial lawn cutting pieces before placing quartz sand and rubber particles after bonding.

The precautions of artificial turf before construction are:

Artificial turf is a simulated lawn made of plastic chemical fiber products and made by artificial methods. It is an important way to solve the problem that the natural lawn is not easy to grow and is not suitable for planting lawn. Compared with natural turf, artificial turf has obvious advantages and disadvantages. If all weather can be used in all weather, it is less affected by rain and snow, simple maintenance, low maintenance cost, environmental protection and reutilization of surface layer. It is not a substitute for natural turf. Therefore, artificial turf is very suitable for high and middle school sports field or training field with high frequency.