New application of artificial turf - Wall decoration

- Jan 15, 2018-

With the development of times, artificial turf technology is applied to wall decoration increasingly. for its beautiful, cost-effective as well as durability. This also gave birth to artificial turf widely used in new fields.

The wall is painted or advertising ink to landscape or decorate with the disadvantages of high cost, hard to remove, easy to break down which is not conducive for Long-term display.

Now a new type of wall decorative materials - artificial lawn used for advertising wall is not only beautiful, but also low cost, easy to dismantle.

SKYROAD is focusing on decorative artificial turf products. Its bright and rich colors can play a pleasant visual effect. It is mainly used for indoor and outdoor ground, roof and slope stairs protection, wall surface for practical laying and decorative laying purposes. The high simulation degree and durability makes it possible to replace the natural grass, and have you enjoy the green lawns all year round.