Mesh Artificial Grass VS Monofilament Artificial Turf Comparison

- Jun 14, 2018-

There are claims in the industry that monofilaments are superior to mesh yarns. In fact, in terms of test data and historical experience over the years, mesh yarns of general manufacturers are superior to monofilaments in certain properties, such as the pull-out force index of grass silk. Because the monofilament products in the adhesive process, the adhesion of the adhesive will cause the pull-off force to decrease because of the monofilament morphology. Therefore, in the national standard, the pull-out force standards of the two kinds of grass silk are also different. The standard of the monofilament is low, but the single wire is low. Because silk looks more natural and natural, it is loved by many users. However, at present, the cost of monofilaments is higher and the mesh is lower. Therefore, how to choose, in fact, the main needs of the owners, the two forms of products can satisfy Owner's needs.

Over the past 10 years, some schools have used PP for the paving of runways. People in the industry often think that PP is more resistant to wear due to the high hardness of the straw material. In fact, the wear resistance of PE is better than that of PP. The use of PP materials should be minimized.

Since the development of the domestic artificial turf industry, there are still many businesses that consider the imported grass silk to be superior to domestic shredded grass. Actually, the imported products are the same as the domestically produced ones. The situation has been uneven. Before 2000, domestic manufacturers produced grass. Fiber has just started, production process, material formula, enterprise scale strength and other reasons, the overall average level is indeed different from imported straw, but today, many well-known domestic enterprises have gone abroad and broke many international technologies. Barriers can already compete with overseas brands in overseas markets. The idea that imported grass silk is better than domestic shreds is too old and not objective science. It should be set and measured by quality standards. Products should not be identified by their origin, but should be measured using The scientific test certification report carries out the selection evaluation.