Matter of artificial grass installation

- Jan 16, 2018-

Artificial turf to a certain extent, can give users a comfortable experience as well as safety and environmental-protection, what is the high quality of artifiical turf installation. And a good installation technology makes the synthetic lawn a longer lifespan and better use experience. Now we are gonna share with you some tips which should pay attention during the construction

1. Glue: brushing the glue with proper thickness and uniformity with applicators and glue applicator requires brushing on its surface, to the thickness uniformity. repeated glue brushing is not advised for it will cause the bubbles.

2. Bonding: according to the actual conditions of the temperature, humidity, pressure and other conditions, control of drying time reasonablely. 10-30 minutes after the glue brushinig and felt almost dry. And the professional viscose mechine is required.

3. Pressure: After the bonding is completed, remove the debris on the surface, hammer with a dedicated rubber hammer to make it full bonds of the surface.

4, Curing: The curing time is generally three days.Therefore, careful attention should be paid during curing to and avoid excessive exposure, flooding and movement.