Maintenance of artificial grass field

- Jan 03, 2018-

Artificial turf , especially for soccer sport is increasing widely used as well as the using frequency . So the proper maintenance of it will extend the life of artificial turf. Compared with the traditional natural grass, the maintenance of artificial turf is relatively simple mostly. The following is some advice provided to you for reference.

Basic requirements
1. Keep the field clean

2. A sign of "no smoking"

3. Prohibition of motor vehicles and heavy objects into the sports grounds

4. Proper frequency of field usage

Cleaning and maintenance

1. Clean up the leftover after usage

2. Use a dedicated tool to smooth quartz sand or rubber granules performance regularly

3. Wash the dust on the yarn manually or when it rains

4. Sprinkle water to cool the temperature down under hot weather condition

Removal of different stains

1. Fruit juice, milk, ice cream and blood stains: scrub with soap and water then rinse with water, dry with a strong absorbent towel if necessary

2. Shoe polish, sunscreen oil, pen oil: wipe with sponge that dipped in vinyl chloride then dry   with a strong suction towel

3. Paraffin, asphalt and asphalt: wipe hardly or wipe with sponge that dipped in vinyl chloride

4. Chewing gum: it’s available to use the Freon

Checking and repairing

1. Carefully check loose of interlocking or suture, as well as the damage, tearing or burning on   the grass backing

2. The use of the field and the natural environmental influence such as the rain will have a certain impact on the grass infilling, which probably need to re-infill some quartz sand and rubber granules