Laying requirements and preparations for artificial lawn in football field(3)

- May 09, 2018-

The preparation of the artificial lawn in the football field:

First of all, we should make technical preparation, make the "three links and one flat" and first familiar with the drawings, check the quality of the foundation construction, the laying site should be clean, the surface should be dry, smooth, no sundries, no wax stains, oil, the minimum construction temperature should be kept above 10 degrees C. Use the theodolite or other instruments to measure whether the surrounding facilities meet the size of the stadium. If there is an unsuitable place, it should be modified immediately, allowing the error to be + 5 mm.

Secondly, before the artificial grass is laid, the quality of the turf should be checked with the production unit of the artificial grass, and the quality, density and the knitting technology of the turf are checked to meet the requirements of the use. A standard site can not be more than 30 points. At the same time, check whether the quality of the filling meets environmental requirements. In the course of laying, we should use special tools to cut and sew the lawn according to the specifications. The use of artificial rubber sports venues for special glue joints, joints should not be greater than 2 mm. The temperature should not be too low when it is bonded. The ambient temperature should be suitable for construction above 10 degrees centigrade; besides, it should not be constructed under rain or mildew rain, otherwise it will lead to too long bonding time or even non stick.

The filling of quartz sand and rubber particles is the most important link in the construction process. Only when the surface material of the artificial lawn is installed, the quartz sand and rubber particles can be filled after the inspection of the leveling and the requirements. The specifications and quantities of filling are determined according to the height and density of grass. It is necessary to pay attention to the use of special sand injection machines and brush grass equipment to fill particles in order to ensure the leveling and uniformity of the field, and to improve the performance of the site. And quartz sand and rubber particles must be completely dry materials before they can be constructed, otherwise the straw will be overturned and affect the filling quality. Quartz sand should be filled with multi layers. Each filling layer needs to be brushed back and forth with brush grass to fill the filling. Usually, it is better to play twenty times on a court.