Laying requirements and preparations for artificial lawn in football field(2)

- May 09, 2018-

There are three kinds of artificial turf in football field.

(1) artificial lawn in sand free football field

In the United States, the artificial grass fiber materials used in most of the football field are high grade nylon materials, and there are multiple fibers, but the artificial lawn in the sand free football field can also be divided into two kinds of water seepage and non water seepage. This lawn resembles natural lawns in appearance, with a layer of shock absorbing foam cushion, and shock absorbing layer with different density and thickness. Due to the fact that there are not many manufacturers in the field of artificial turf laying in the football field and mostly foreign technology, it is necessary for the foreign experts to build the artificial turf in the laying of sand free football field, especially in laying the foam cushioning layer. Under the shock foam, a smooth layer of asphalt should be laid on the base. The asphalt underneath must be paved with gravel, sand and pebbles as the basis, and the structure of the drainage system is the most critical part. In addition, the artificial lawn of this type of football field must be used in the installation process, especially for the use of artificial grass special machinery, especially in the laying and installation of some professional or expensive sports venues. Otherwise, it is not common in China to meet the requirements of site leveling and uniformity.

(2) artificial lawn filled with particle football field

The pellet lawn is accepted by many users in China because of its good international sports performance and good practicability. Most of the materials are polymers of two kinds of materials such as polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP). The turf has a longer fiber than a sand - free lawn, and a backfilling of 2 - 3 millimeters of stone sand and rubber particles under the surface. Its motion characteristics are very close to natural lawn, and can be used all year round and round the clock. Usually, the lawn needs to be maintained for 6 to 8 months after laying. This type of lawn is especially suitable for outdoor use. Its life expectancy is usually 5-8 years, but its actual life can exceed 5 years. In long dry weather, just sprinkling a little water on the lawn can reduce the risk of abrasions. Sen Yue lawn has successfully completed the construction paving of artificial turf in many pellet football fields in China.

(3) natural artificial mixed lawn

It's not a dream to merge the natural lawn with the artificial lawn of the football field. Now there's a mixture of this kind of lawn, which is natural, reinforced with plastic on the root structure of the grass, for example, to grow grass on the reticulate base made of plastic. In this way, the user friendly characteristics of natural lawn are well combined with the super durability of artificial turf in football field.

In China, 95% of artificial turf are filled with grain, but many schools tend to ignore the most important construction links when choosing products. The construction technology of artificial grass is very important for the maintenance and service life of artificial grass in the later period. So we must choose professional manufacturers, big brands.