Knowledge of artificial turf

- Apr 20, 2018-

The quality requirements of the artificial lawn movement system mainly focus on three aspects: hardness, smoothness and drainage slope. Common people。

There are three types of grass Foundation: asphalt foundation, cement foundation and gravel foundation.

Time use is especially suitable for the climate environment with large temperature difference in winter and low temperature in winter. At the same time, because of its high cost, it is warm and humid.

The environment is not the most suitable base type. The gravel foundation is more common in the South because of its simple construction, low cost, and rapid drainage. But because of its poor steel and stability, the foundation is easily loosened after long time use, which leads to unevenness of the foundation; therefore, cement mixed in most of the country. The soil foundation has become an economical and practical artificial grass foundation type with high cost performance. Based on the rich experience of artificial grass system, Shuang he sports makes the following brief introduction to artificial grass cement concrete foundation.

1. Higher surface roughness is required to ensure that the surface thickness of artificial grass is uniform and uniform. The qualified rate of smoothness is over 95%, the error of 5 meters ruler is 3MM, the slope is 8 horizontal, 5 5, and the half circle area is 5. The surface should be smooth and smooth.

2, the foundation should have a certain strength and stability.

3, the surface is uniform and solid, no cracks, no flimsy sides, straight and smooth joints, with 6000mm * 6000mm around the block.

4, cushion compaction, compaction degree is greater than 95%, after the medium roller press, no significant track, no loose soil, wave and so on.

5, the cement foundation must have an aquifer, the aquifer adopts the new PVC thickened water resisting membrane, the junction should be greater than 300mm, and the margin margin is greater than 150mm.

6, the expansion joint should be considered, the width is 5 mm.

7, the basic maintenance period is 2-3 weeks.