The professional knowledge of artificial lawn for Kindergarten

- Apr 23, 2018-

1. the form of artificial grass silk

The grass used in the kindergarten is usually made of straight silk and curled silk, so it is good to keep the erect of the grass and to increase the softness of the lawn so that children will not be injured when playing on the artificial lawn.

2. The height of the artificial lawn in the kindergarten

The grass height of the artificial lawn of the kindergarten is generally 20mm, 25mm, 30mm. After a large number of our visits and the reaction conditions after the use of the kindergarten, we generally recommend that the nursery use the height of the lawn of 25mm, which is suitable for children to play and rest.

3. The density of artificial turf

The density of the artificial lawn used in the kindergarten is 16800, 18900, 22050. Generally, we recommend a 16800 needle lawn. If you want to use the lawn more, it is suggested that the density go up. The higher the density, the thicker the lawn, the better the erect of the grass, and the longer the life.

4. the rubber of the artificial lawn

The turf series is now using the latest SPU green back glue. The SPU back gum is the most important feature of environmental protection, odorless, longer life, more safe use, and a kind of back glue is black SBR back glue, the use of this rubber is also completely unasked questions.