Kindergarten artificial turf selection has focus

- Jul 13, 2018-

Kindergarten is the most accessible place for children, and it is also the place where children dream of opening up. Therefore, the public facilities in kindergartens are more concerned. As the builders of kindergartens, they do not choose the most expensive and only choose the best. beneficial.

When the economic development is still in its infancy, people's living standards are not very high. Parents' choices for kindergartens are also moderate and they can pay for kindergartens. Therefore, the requirements for kindergartens are not very high at that time. Let the children learn and play every day. But now the overall level has improved, people are paying more and more attention to their children's education. From the very beginning, the choice of kindergartens is very important. They value the kindergarten's infrastructure and try to minimize the threat to their children's health. The kindergarten is also gradually replaced by the old facilities. Nowadays, in response to changes in the market, most kindergartens use artificial turf to lay kindergartens. On the artificial turf, children can not only play on it, but also make children use artificial turf carpets, and can use different colors of lawn to splicing different patterns. Develop children's thinking.

Artificial turf is laid in kindergarten mainly to protect children, so the choice of artificial turf must be cautious. The lawns commonly used in kindergarten lawns can be divided into the following categories according to the height of kindergarten artificial lawns:

1. Kindergarten artificial turf height is 8mm-10mm. The grass shape of this kind of lawn has two kinds of mesh and curved wire. From the appearance, the curved lawn is flatter and has a higher density, similar to the carpet. The advantage is that the density is large and it is not easy to expose the bottom. The density corresponding to the height of the mesh kindergarten artificial turf 10mm can be adjusted by itself. Generally, the density commonly used should be at least 50,000 clusters, so as to ensure the sports performance of the site. If it is only for temporary activities or daily decoration, you can choose a lower cost lawn.

2. Kindergarten artificial turf height is 25mm-32mm, generally the height of artificial turf 10mm-25mm is moderate. Because the kindergarten artificial grass is too high, it is easy to tie the child, the most used is 25mm mesh grass or artificial artificial grass. Mesh lawns are inexpensive and wear resistant. This lawn can be used with or without filling. Quartz sand is recommended as a filler if it is required for the flexibility of the site. Simulated artificial turf is one of the advanced artificial turf. The color is generally not much different from the real grass. It can be used as a decorative artificial turf for leisure and greening, and it can also have certain sports performance.

In addition to green, kindergarten artificial turf can also do other colors, red, yellow, blue, purple, etc. according to requirements. In addition, we can also design the overall runway artificial turf according to the site, that is, the red and white kindergarten artificial turf. The artificial turf laying in the kindergarten can not only be green and decorative, but also can effectively protect the health of the child. It is the best partner for the kindergarten.


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