Is artificial turf toxic?

- Jun 29, 2018-

After the poisonous plastic runway incident, whether the schools, kindergartens, and families are most concerned about the choice of artificial turf is whether it is environmentally friendly or toxic? Now with the increased awareness of business safety and environmental protection, coupled with the investigation of the source of supply, businesses are increasingly focusing on product safety!

The material of artificial turf is mainly polypropylene, nylon, polyethylene, etc. All of them are chemical products. More intuitively, they are the most common plastics in our daily life, such as plastic basins, plastic buckets, etc. Currently, artificial turf materials are mostly made of polyethylene. And polypropylene based. Experts pointed out that artificial turf is non-toxic from the material itself, and there is no toxic gas when it is heated. These raw materials are all test reports.

The finished artificial turf produced is now subject to testing. To detect whether anti-aging, heavy metals are exceeding standards, etc. Businesses are also focusing on product safety and environmental protection.

For purchasing businesses, we must also pay attention not to focus on cost-effective, maximize profits. This is the reason why you and I can understand the high quality of good products. Therefore, we must control the basis of safety and environmental protection to pursue the maximum profit. In this way, you can guarantee the quality of artificial turf products that you have purchased.