Is artificial turf safe for decoration?

- Jan 05, 2018-

To ensure the safety of your home garden, you should find a professional company that specilizes in artificial grass production and garden caring solutions as well as with the quality certificates. You can refer to the following tips:

Anti-UV stability

Landscape artificial grass will unavoidably be exposed under the sunlight while placed outdoor for a long time.The UVA and UVB ray in sunlight becomes the killer who cause the  fade of landscape color and reduce its durability. The high quality artificial grass should be passed UVB artificial grass weathering test for fierce 3000 hours. This ensures the stability even in some tropical desert climate, or some extremely hot area like Middle East where are famous for its extraordinary high temperature and long hours of hot sunshine.

Heavy metal free

Heavy metal in the grass could cause health problems! Just like the furniture, the floor that are a part of our daily life. Lead exposure affects the nervous system and can cause a range of health effects. Noticeably, children’s growing bodies would absorb more. Healthy landscape is proved that there is no detectable trace of lead according to California’s Prop 65, which is the strictest standard for lead content of the world. Except for lead, other hazardous elements and heavy metal, such as Cd, Hg, Cr, can also cause health problem. Healthy synthetic turf is proved to be free of all these hazardous substance.


But in some circumstances, our people don’t know how to define a healthy artificial grass, is there any written standards to make sure? Generally speaking, a professional company or factory should get the standard certificates: SGS certificate, a series of ISO certificates for reference.