Is artificial turf fireproof?

- Jul 05, 2018-

Many customers who consult artificial turf will ask artificial turf fire prevention? The artificial turf lawn is made of PP, PE or PA. It is made of plastic. It is definitely not a fireproof because it is a plastic product, because it is not a fireproof material. However, artificial turf is not an ordinary plastic product. It is added with a flame retardant. If there is an open flame, it will not ignite a large part that will only burn off the open flame. 

Flame retardants are used in artificial turf, artificial turf has been integrated into people's lives, such as various sports places, commercial places, schools, urban greening, garden landscapes, etc. Because it is closely related to people's lives, we should Concerned about the safety of artificial turf, so it has to mention its flame retardancy. For artificial turf, flame retardant is one of the most important quality indicators. The flame-retardant body of artificial turf is

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undoubtedly straw, and some flame retardant is added in the production, which makes artificial turf have this property.

In general, the amount of flame retardant added to the grass in artificial turf is controlled between 10% and 20%, because the flame retardant does not bring adverse effects, and his compatibility is very good. It can be evenly dispersed in the grass, and more importantly, it is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and can be used with confidence.

The effect of this kind of chemical additive is really obvious. After the flame retardant is added, the artificial turf can even contact with the fire, and it can effectively prevent the flame from spreading or reduce its propagation speed, self-extinguishing, and will not cause mutual combustion, resulting in a large area. combustion.

However, due to the relatively loose management of the entire industry, the quality of artificial turf on the market is uneven, and only by looking for quality products can it have good flame retardant properties. By using this feature, the use of artificial turf in playgrounds, playgrounds, public green spaces, etc., can effectively prevent fires caused by cigarette butts and reduce losses.

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