Installation of synthetic turf

- Jan 30, 2018-

  • The artificial grass is packed by roll. The width is 2m or 4m , the length is 25m (this is our normal size, we also have the size according to your request.). The tape’s width is from 25cm to 30cm, the length is from 500m to 700m, the glue is the specific glue for artificial grass.The below is the picture of the glue, the seaming tape and the grass rolls:

    glue for artificial grass  seaming type for artificial grass

                             Artificial Grass Glue                      Seaming Tape

    artificial Grass Rolls

                                                     Grass Rolls

  • The ground must be plant when we pave the grass.( but if the ground is the sand, it just paves directly.)

  1. We have to pave the glue on the ground first, but not all of the ground must be paved the glue (by average, this process is for the stability ).

  2. Then we pave the grass which is packed by rolling ; after that we have to get off about 10cm~15cm on the turf seams of the four sides of each roll.

    installation of artificial grass

  3. After that we have to pave the glue on the ground and the back of the turf  which is got off each roll, we need to pave the tape in the seams of each roll, and on the tape we have to pave the glue, like the below pictures:

    installation of synthetic turf

  4. The last step is putting the grass which has already paved the glue with the tape together. Then it is over. It’s very simple. Finally the below is the completed field.

    artificial grass for soccer field