Infill football artificial grass VS no infill football artificial grass

- Jun 04, 2018-

Football artificial turf is the most tedious laying process in artificial turf products, because it is not simply to cover the lawn, but also to add filler quartz sand and rubber particles, and now individual sites in order to ensure the use of results, still There are only cushion mats underneath the lawn. There are only one purpose of doing this: Maximize the use of natural turf for the venue, protect the athletes, increase the service life of the venue, and reduce the unit cost.

Which one is better between infill and no infill artificial grass? This also needs to compare the characteristics of their products:

Infill football artificial turf, first of all, he must meet the height of more than 40mm, so as to ensure that there is enough space to increase the filler, since the height has been finalized, then the density of natural to be a few, usually around 12000-14000. Because the lawn is too dense, it cannot be filled with filler.

The height of no infill grass is currently 30mm, and the density is more than 25000. From this data, you can clearly see that the density of the no infill lawn is almost twice that of the filled lawn. Similar products can be achieved grass height 20mm-40mm, materials are made of high-quality fiber, 8800-11000 dtex, density of 50,000 clusters per square meter, no need to refill materials, ease of installation, and straw standing, simulation Technical indicators such as sex and oiliness all have significant improvements and breakthroughs. According to the current feedback from customers, the simulation is stronger and the foot feels more comfortable.