How to prepare your garden for artificial grass installation

- Feb 08, 2018-

Ok, you have gotten down using artificial grass for your garden decoration. However, how do you prepare your garden for your the turf? It will be much easier than you think if follow up the detailed guidence.


If there is natural grass on the surface, it's necessary to remove it away before your installation. For it may be growing again when next spring comes. And you can complete this by shovel or machines for weeding which depends on your areas of your garden.

Clearing up

It may remain some rubbish,rocks or bushes behind to make the layer unlevel. So it should also be cleared away beforehand and any plants or flowerpots should be stored away appropriately.

Sand layer

The next part of the process is to lay out a batch of sharp sand. This effectively acts as the base for your artificial grass. Make sure it’s levelled by using a heavy hammer, builder’s plank or whacker plate – so it’s compacted and smooth. The smoother the better so the rolls of artificial grass will lay better. For best results, the sand sub-base should be laid to 10-15mm in thickness.

Protective layer

Before you lay your new lawn it’s vital to prevent any weeds and other plants from growing up once more. Therefore, Adding a protective layer of the membrane like PP cloth will be efficient


After all the above, you’re ready to install your grass.