How to make a construction of EPDM granules runway

- Aug 29, 2018-


Preparatory work before laying: 1, organize all laying personnel to be familiar with blueprints, understand design intentions, and solve technical difficulties in sports fields. 2, set special person to collect weather forecast data, and obtain information with local meteorological station, master the local medium and short term meteorological information during the whole construction period, adjust construction arrangement in time, ensure the quality of installation work, progress is not affected by climate temperature air humidity. 3, in order to ensure the laying quality and technology, each process is equipped with a quality inspection and reinspection member besides the normal equipment.

Precautions before construction: 1, the place of mixing must be covered with adhesive tape to ensure clean floor and keep the environment healthy. 2, the seal must be cleaned first when the material is used. 3, when the polyurethane is used, it should first pour into the sclerosing agent (transparent liquid) and then pour into the main agent (color liquid). When it is poured into the agitator, it should be poured into the center of the bucket and do not fall along the side of the barrel so that the material can not be completely mixed and uniform. 4, when stirring, the mixer should be swinging up and down, so that the material can be evenly mixed. 5, before cleaning, we need to clean up the dirt and dirt on the floor by sweeper.

Construction process and method: 1, base oil coating: The coating is applied with polyurethane primer, and all coating is required in cement concrete ground. Local or spaced coating can be used in the asphalt concrete ground to strengthen the bond with the edge of the ditch and the edge stone, so as to prevent the surface layer from the foundation and cause the quality problems. 2. Bottom paving A is mixed with black particles of 2-4mm and single component PU binder. The proportioning of 8:1 material must be accurate. The particle matching must be determined by field experiment. B, double screw forced mixer, stirring for at least five minutes, stirring in the centripetal direction, then the surface of the colloidal particles is completely lubricated by PU adhesive. C, after mixing, the mixture is sent to the designated area, the automatic finishing machine is laid to all level, the average thickness is 11mm thick, and the automatic fine leveling machine has the high temperature (800C) high pressure leveling function, and the thickness can be adjusted at any time to make the laying of the fruit reach the best effect of the elastic runway. In the process of D and laying, there must be a special person to test the flatness, and the evenness must reach the error of the 3M parallel ruler, which is not less than 3mm. If there is an unconformity, it must be repaired immediately and filled with the mixture. 3, surface layer spraying A, first, PU elastic material and fine particles are evenly mixed, the proportion is: Red particle +EPDM powder + spray coating special glue =0.75:0.25:1. (1:2.5 spray glue plus driers accounted for a 5%--6%.). B, large spraying machine is applied to mix the mixture, spray evenly on the breathable layer, and the mist body is tightly bonded to the surface of the breathable layer. The surface of C and sprayed coating is smooth and has no obvious bump.

Runway line: The line project must follow the instructions of the engineer. The width and color of the line must comply with the international track and field Federation (IAAF) and the instructions of the engineer. The type of polyurethane paint must be consistent with the runway material, and has the function of anti ultraviolet and abrasion resistance, and the proof line paint is not easy to fall off in use. The underlined items are determined according to the use of the construction unit and the nature of the competition.