How To Improve The Service Time Of Artificial Grass

- Mar 07, 2018-

How To Improve The Service Time Of Artificial Grass

For artificial grass, how to improve the service time of artificial grass is the most critical, and improve the service life is not only in the latter part of the maintenance but throughout all the selections of grass, construction and maintenance process.

1. Selection of Artificial turf

There are many kinds of artificial turf, what kind of artificial lawn should we choose? Making a choice of artificial lawn the first we need to know is where to use this grass, different pitches to use different artificial turf. The most important thing is to choose the appropriate specifications, the same artificial lawn has different specifications, such as bottom gauge, density, grass High. The lifespan of different artificial turf is also different.

2. Artificial turf Construction Stage

Why does the construction of artificial turf have an effect on the lifespan? The artificial lawn in the construction mainly involves in the land base quality and some problems about artificial lawn laying process, if these two aspects did not do well the artificial lawn's service life is not guaranteed. Artificial turf is generally used in the foundation of cement and Asphalt foundation, and the foundation must be carried out in accordance with the requirements. In the process of laying the artificial lawn also repaired filling materials, mainly rubber particles and quartz sand.

3. Artificial turf maintenance

The life span of artificial lawn is not only the quality of the artificial turf itself, but also the maintenance of the latter. If maintenance is not in time, the good artificial turf life is also very short. Post-maintenance must pay attention to the artificial turf site should be prohibited smoking and fire and snacks. The site will be cleaned once a month, and immediately after the match. Should always pay attention to whether the artificial lawn degumming off the line, should be repaired in time.