How to clean the artificial turf?

- Jul 12, 2018-

After the completion of a beautiful artificial turf field, in order to improve the satisfaction of the use of the site and extend the life, simple cleaning and maintenance is still necessary, then how to clean the artificial turf?

How to clean and maintain artificial turf, artificial turf will not be affected by its climate during the process of use, which can effectively improve the efficiency of its use to a certain extent. Under normal circumstances, natural grass enters its dormant period. The artificial turf still gives you a feeling of spring.

When the artificial turf is being produced, the materials are very environmentally friendly. The surface of the artificial turf can be recycled. The product is very durable and not easy to fade when used. It is especially suitable for use in areas with high frequency of use. .

Rainy days are the best cleaning tools for artificial turf. They can gently clean the dust, pollen and other pollutants scattered in the grass. Whenever the lawn needs to remove the garbage in time, it can reduce it. The problem has happened.

After the competition, the artificial turf can effectively clean its peanut shell, seeds, paper and tape in time with the vacuum cleaner. It is easier to clean. The cleaning agent used in the product must have a synthetic type similar to nylon or polyolefin. A fiber brush whose brush cannot contain its metal or metal wire.

Artificial turf will have a certain temperature limit during the summer. If the temperature exceeds 33 degrees, please do not use the cleaning machine. In order to prevent the fire or because the temperature is too high to melt the grass fiber, do not park the vehicle without the flameout. On the turf. Do not discharge the vehicle's gas into the stadium, regardless of the vehicle used.


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