How to choose artificial grass height and density?

- May 21, 2018-

Many people pay attention to the height and density of artificial turf when purchasing artificial turf, and even think that the higher the density of artificial turf, the better the quality. In fact, while ensuring the comfort of the lawn, the grass height and density of the lawn are not directly proportional to the quality. Artificial grass height and density mainly determine the price of artificial grass, because these two parameters reflect the use of materials, the higher the height, the greater the density, the more expensive the price.

So, when buying artificial turf, how to choose?

In fact, when selecting grass height and density, it needs to be considered in conjunction with the conditions of use. For example, if it is used as a football field, grasses with a height of grass of 50mm and a density of 9450 needles per square meter are generally selected. After filling, it is ensured that appropriate grass height and grass density are ensured. This is more suitable for testing football grounds. Standards; used for gateball courts, golf courses, runways and other venues, you need to use a low resilience, easy maintenance of the lawn, generally this kind of site grass height between 10mm-25mm, density relative to the football stadium, football stadium, baseball The field must be big.

If you choose leisure and landscape decoration lawns, use them in parks, gardens, shopping malls, hotels, etc., you can choose a 30mm high (5mm increase or decrease a grade), a density of 16,800 needles / square meters straight mix of leisure lawn, so high-density, Low grass height, with straight braiding technology, to ensure that the soles feel very comfortable.