How to build roof artificial grass?

- Jun 26, 2018-

Spreading a green plastic lawn over a bare concrete floor can greatly increase the aesthetics and make the whole building more beautiful. The soft lawn is also very comfortable under the soles of the feet, and there is also a way to get into the nature on the roof. The feeling and the use of artificial turf roof can also play a certain role in heat insulation and will not affect drainage. . . . The artificial lawn for the roof belongs to the landscape leisure lawn. The construction is relatively simple. Now I will briefly introduce the construction method and hope to help you.

What are the requirements for roof artificial turf construction? Roof artificial turf manufacturers give the following 3 suggestions:

1. The laying of roof artificial turf can not be built on a whim. It is necessary to have a lot of preparatory work before construction. The most important one is the inspection of the load-bearing roof.

2. The artificial artificial turf on the roof must be closed during the construction process to effectively clean the roof. After the closed water test, the roof will not leak so that it can enter the next process. If the roof is leaking, you must first make a waterproof layer. . This will prevent future leaks.

3. The drainage openings of the roof artificial turf and the paving of the garden road must be customized according to the specifications of the design drawings. The effective construction of the fence, special attention should be paid to the flow of water and the operation channels, etc. Need to be smooth.

Can artificial turf roof be insulated? Roof artificial turf can not only do its roof insulation effect, to a certain extent, but also made a contribution to the city's greening, and its benefits are not only the roof of the roof insulation of the residents, but also reduce the problem of urban air And the heat island effect.

The construction of the roof artificial turf can play a certain role in the insulation of the roof and the roof to a certain extent. In summer, the temperature of the floor can reach 55 to 60 degrees when the sun is exposed to the sun. Heat to the room with a very large high-temperature heating element.

This is not only a waste of their electricity costs, but also very easily lead to the collapse of the building due to thermal expansion and contraction of the house, so the construction of the roof lawn is very important, you can directly use the plant as its roof insulation, The floor temperature can be reduced by about 15 degrees.