How much is artificial turf construction?

- Jul 09, 2018-

How much is artificial grass construction? Artificial turf construction is classified according to the purpose, mainly divided into soccer field, kindergarten, roof, wall and so on. In addition, according to the area charge, the unit price of the large area is low, and the general unit price is small. Secondly, according to the complexity of the site, for example, the construction cost of golf greens is generally higher, and the laying of artificial grass in kindergartens is cheaper.

Plastic Grass Mat

The artificial turf is made of high-quality polypropylene and other polymer fiber materials. It is woven on the UV-resistant substrate with a special knitting machine, and the compound rubber rubber adhesive such as styrene is covered with water. It is a widely used environmentally friendly material. .

Pet Turf

The high-toughness fiber of artificial turf has superior wear resistance and UV resistance, and its service life can reach 8-10 years. It is a green product, safe and comfortable to exercise, and has good shock absorption protection. FIFA And the International Quartet has relevant certification for the artificial turf sports field.

Artificial Turf For Sale

Artificial turf is widely used in football fields, hockey stadiums, tennis courts, basketball courts, runways, golf courses, parks, communities, courtyards, swimming pools, roofs, balconies and other places. Since the artificial turf does not directly bond with the foundation, his adaptability to the foundation is strong, and the foundation has no effect on the surface layer due to the change of temperature difference; at the same time, the artificial turf is easy to recycle, and the original foundation is not destroyed when the surface layer is renewed, and can continue use.

At present, artificial turf has been favored by public places such as campuses, arrangement units, and stadiums. At the same time, because the artificial turf carpet can not only be anti-slip, dust-removing, easy to clean, and looks like real grass, it has the feeling of greening. Now it has become a common furniture decoration product, and it has been liked by ordinary people. Therefore, the prospect of artificial turf is widely used. Optimistic, this is also the reason why the domestic artificial turf manufacturers are constantly emerging and the career is developing rapidly.


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