How long is the use life of artificial turf?

- Jul 06, 2018-

Everything has its own life development track, birth, development, prosperity, decline, artificial turf is the same, artificial turf life is limited, many customers want to spend the least money to buy undamaged grass, This idea is good but in fact impossible. How long does the artificial turf last? This is determined by many factors. After a period of use, there will be a series of signs of aging, that is, the surface of the artificial turf is aging. At this point, the user will consider replacing the artificial turf to reduce its performance.

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When will the artificial turf age? For example, the filling rubber hardens because the filling layer of the artificial turf sinks over time and the particles sink, thereby being compressed into a thick layer. Moreover, the rubber itself will gradually harden, seriously reducing the performance of the artificial turf. Fiber and filler rubber suffer more severe wear during the use of artificial turf. If the lawn becomes loose or broken, the fibers show that the lawn has worn away, which will reduce bulk density and fiber length and thickness.

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Or the foundation deformation of artificial turf, most of which are caused by the use of inferior raw materials or improper use. In addition, due to the non-professional construction equipment, the white lines and seams of the artificial turf are likely to become loose or broken, which is also a sign of aging. Usually repairs can extend the life of artificial turf for several years, provided the turf itself is good. The restoration work will include a rubber brush on the lawn or blow away, then use new rubber to make the grass fibers stand up again and the water can enter the lawn normally. In the process of testing the artificial turf, any damage to the bareness should be repaired as soon as possible, such as loose lines and seams to be re-glued; if serious problems are found, then it is necessary to consider whether it is possible to damage. It is necessary to consider the possibility of partial transformation.

When artificial turf and filler can play a normal role, it is necessary to modify the basis of prior inspection. It is necessary to check in advance whether the foundation can be reused and work more smoothly.

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