grass wall

- Oct 10, 2018-

Artificial grass these days has many uses and the decoration / appearance are among the leading factors which initiate the thought process into selecting a product as such. 


Flat, monotone walls are now a thing of the past because there is such a wide variety of textured textiles to pick from. However it is not realistic to be able to apply and maintain natural growing products inside such as grass, in fact grass and other natural living organisms aren't even the easiest to maintain outside. When artificial grass is applied to cover walls it applies a natural, eco friendly appearance that will last a lifetime and requires zero maintenance.

Short Piles - These provide a light green touch to the areas with a bristly texture but a clean crisp finish to the area.


Artificial grass is popularly used by our customers to cover: 
- Inside walls 
- Outdoor fences 
- Sheds 
- Ceilings 
- Gates


Wall coverings are easier than installing artificial grass traditionally. You can either screw the artificial grass up against the surface whether that is concrete or wood, pin the grass up with nails or staples or simply glue it down - whatever you feel is the most secure. As the backings of the grass are made from a rigid polypropylene membrane they won't rip when the grass is secured down.