Features of colorful EPDM rubber granules

- Jun 01, 2018-

EPDM products are for users who require high security ground. EPDM granules are made of synthetic rubber and can produce a wide range of colors and are resistant to ultraviolet radiation and general chemical reactions with their excellent properties. Especially in the construction of patterns, the superiority of EPDM colored particles can be more manifested.

1, Chemical stability

EPDM products have high corrosion resistance and excellent chemical stability, resistance to ozone aging, and resistance to hot oxygen aging.

2, Good flexibility

It maintains excellent elasticity even at low temperatures.

3, Strong adhesion

During the production process, the technicians have solved the most difficult problems of adhesion between the particles and the adhesive after numerous tests and field tests.

4, Bright color

All colors use pigments from well-known brands at home and abroad to keep all particles color stable, fastness to color, high UV resistance and weather resistance