Fake grass terminology

- Aug 28, 2018-

1 Dtex or Denier:

By definition a turf’s denier measures the density of the turf fibers. According to Merriam Webster’s definition, denier is a unit of fineness for yarn equal to the fineness of a yarn weighing one gram for each 9000 meters.

2 Face weight:

Face weight is determined by the weight of fibers within the product and does not include the weight of the backing. Face weight can sometimes determine how much a product is worth, depending on the amount of product. It is most commonly thought that the heavier the product’s face weight, the more the product will cost.

3 Drainage system:

Drainage systems are primarily designed to allow water to percolate through the backing of the turf and drain through the base layer into the water table. Most synthetic grass backing is perforated with holes that measure approximately ½ centimeter in diameter and can drain at a rate of more than 30 inches per hour per square yard.

With the exception of most synthetic putting greens, nearly all landscape turf is perforated and allows for easy drainage. A good drainage system can not only help with clean up, but it will also help prevent spores and bacteria from building up within the synthetic grass.