Eco-friendly synthetic lawn

- Jan 31, 2018-

Skyroad Turf is intrigued with natural grass and we are always looking for how we can learn from nature in our quest to be able to offer the most natural looking and life-like greener grass systems. Therefore, color, fibre shape, fibre width and fibre combinations are an important mix. The ultimate goal is to develop artificial grass that has the look and feel of natural grass, but outperforms its natural source of inspiration. “Green” is a premium goal in our quest on how we can make our artificial grass more sustainable. This starts at the beginning of the process, with the careful selection of the raw materials that are used to produce the grass blades.

Skyroad Turf have developed a new production technique. Through this manufacturing process, it is possible to use the materials from the same product family; that is polypropylene(PP)and polyethylene(PE). As a consequence the components of synthetic turf, the backing as well as the fibres can be made of the same environmentally friendly material making synthetic turf 100% recyclable. This new technique offers many additional advantages compared to the conventional method of producing. The environment friendly synthetic turf shows as Skyroad Turf.