Diamond-type football field artificial turf VS diamond-shaped extruded monofilament soccer field artificial turf

- Jul 04, 2018-

Regardless of the diamond-type football field artificial turf or the diamond-shaped extruded monofilament soccer field artificial turf, this shape refers to the shape of the cross-section of the grass. These two products are a type, just called different. Let us introduce in detail:

Diamond-type football field artificial turf

Height: 50mm

Line spacing: 5/8 inches

Material: PE

Density: 10,500 clusters / square meter

Adhesive: styrene-butadiene rubber

Base fabric: mesh backing

Years: six years

Width: 4 meters

Packing: 4 meters wide and 25 meters long + waterproof plastic cloth, the length can be customized according to customer requirements.

Use place: dedicated to the football field

Diamond-type football field artificial turf sales service

While ensuring quality, the artificial turf of the football field is based on the customer's position, and closes every link, in the customer inquiry-inquiry reply-send sample-signing contract-delivery time-goods transportation safety-after-sales product service, etc. The details are to make every customer buy the peace of mind, the peace of mind, and the service.

The extruded monofilament artificial turf is a general lawn for football field lawns and is suitable for a variety of venues. The appearance is close to the real lawn. The price of this kind of lawn is actually very different. Many buyers have doubts. They always think that this kind of lawn has so many different prices. Although it is the extruded monofilament, it is a single straw. The width and width are not consistent, and the point size of a single lawn is also different (the point value here is one unit, which can be understood as the basic unit of quality for the time being). Many bidding documents do not require the point value, so ah, this determines the price difference of the extruded monofilament lawn is large, because the point value is not visible to the naked eye, the vast majority is just a sense The feeling of the view.

Diamond-type football field artificial turf features:

It adopts extruded monofilament weaving, which has good wear resistance. It is not easy to break the hair during use, and its sports performance is close to that of natural lawn. It is the first choice for paving materials.