Development of artifiical grass in China

- Jan 15, 2018-

We are now not strange with the word of artificial grass and it can be seen in school, community, and series of sports match fields. But what's the specific situation in domestic market? 

In the mid 90s of last century, we start the artificial grass industry from abroad. Accompanied by the rapid promotion artificial turf in China, a large number of foreign artificial turf brands have swarmed into domestic market while the domestic Chinese market has gradually nurtured the first batch of artificial turf producers. 

As the market development, some domestic manufacturers started to import professional production equipment from abroad so that they could produce their own artificial turf band. Since 2004, they have taken up the majority of domestic market share and many manufacturers Began to do artificial turf export abroad.

On the one hand, with the expansion of enrollment in colleges and universities in recent years, the sports venues and facilities of various schools are in urgent need of reconstruction and expansion. The related state department also requires these schools to do a good job in sports facilities with technology and capital support.In this circumstance, the artificial grass industry has received widely recognization.

On the other hand, with the economic development and improvement of living standards of the people, the sports industry in China has greatly developed in recent years. In particular, the 2008 Olympic Games held in China have injected new vitality into the sports industry and closely linked with the sports industry Related types of sports venues, venue construction is also increasingly carried out.

Artificial turf is the most suitable for all types of sports venues as the environment-friendly surface materials and the market continues to grow with the industry recognition.