Detailed description of artificial turf construction process

- Jul 02, 2018-

The artificial turf construction process is briefly summarized as six steps. The construction process is as follows: the bottom line of the survey - the unfolding of the grass roll, the trimming - the joint of the green grass (the inter-web) - the determination of the position of the white line and the bonding of the white line - injection of quartz sand - injection of rubber particles - completion acceptance.

The following is a detailed discussion on the specific process of artificial turf construction and the precautions for artificial turf construction from the aspects of engineering measurement and stakeout, turf bonding process and quartz sand paving process. First, engineering measurement and stakeout. In the case of artificial turf paving, when the turf is not in the site, the basic engineering is checked and accepted to ensure the cleanliness of the foundation site. If there is debris in the basic site, the basic site is cleaned to ensure the construction site is clean and construction quality.

Secondly, use a measurement tool (such as a steel ruler roll) to accurately measure the site size and control the error within the allowable range. If the size is different, modify it. After the site measurement is accurate or the drawing style is perfect, the original rolled artificial turf is laid neatly, and the original package shape cannot be maintained. It must be laid flat.


Artificial turf bonding process construction process. Before the artificial turf is bonded, it is necessary to trim the edges first, and the two sides of the lawn should be corrected. No rough surface should be ensured to ensure smoothness. Then, the glue should be applied to the bottom of the lawn. The thickness of the glue should be controlled. The glue should be evenly distributed. , In order to avoid the phenomenon of shedding; adhesion should be adhered to when the temperature and humidity conditions meet the standards, bonding should be aligned, there can be no dislocation phenomenon.

In addition, when the artificial turf non-woven fabric is laid, the arrangement direction should be perpendicular to the artificial turf laying direction, and the angle must be 90 ° C; the gap between the non-woven fabric and the non-woven fabric should be small and close as close as possible.

Then there is pressurization and curing, using a special rubber mallet to hit the bond to make it firm and the curing time is generally 3 days. Artificial turf construction environment temperature is controlled at 0-40°C, construction is prohibited in rain and snow weather; glue adhesion drying time is controlled within 10-15 minutes; lawn needs to be maintained during curing to avoid exposure to sunlight and water Dip and move to ensure that the turf is bonded to the best condition.

Quartz sand paving process: Quartz sand filling height is within 10mm of the remaining height of the lawn, the spreading speed should be uniform, and the quartz sand paving should be paved with the integral method concept. During the paving, the flatness and the control of the quartz sand filling amount must be ensured; The rubber particles are injected into the operation with the quartz sand injection.