Comparison of Advantages and Disadvantages of Infill Artificial Grass and No Infill Artificial Grass for Stadium Selection

- May 16, 2018-

A question that many customers will ask is whether artificial turf pitches are used to infill artificial turf or no infill artificial turf. No infill artificial grass, as the name suggests, is an artificial turf that does not require quartz sand and rubber granules. While artificial grass that is filled with quartz sand and rubber granules. How to choose the two kind of artificial grass,Now I will analyze various pros and cons:

First of all, let's talk about the most commonly used infill artificial turf on the market. This type of artificial turf has advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages are: the straightness of the grass can be maintained, the elasticity can be increased, the directionality of the ball in the movement can be maintained, the occurrence of uncertain factors in the game can be avoided, and the chance of the player being injured in the sport can also be reduced.

The disadvantages are: infill artificial turf needs constant replac infill rubber granules to maintain the flatness of the course. There is no doubt that increase the cost of maintenance.Besides,there is the quality problem of the rubber granules, this is not the first time will not be the last time we talk about this problem, we all know that there are many manufacturers on the market which produce the rubber granules, all kinds of production capacity, technology, equipment, qualifications and other reasons lead to the quality of this rubber granules is completely off, using low-quality cheap materials, and finally used into powder in stepping,even loses its elasticity and produces odor.

No infill artificial grass will be the most popular artificial grass in the market. Why do we say so? First, it is not necessary to infill quartz sand and rubber granules in the artificial grass. Subsequent maintenance work such as filling rubber granules and quartz sand can be subtracted to reduce maintenance costs. Second, paving work is simple and convenient. Third, the no infill artificial turf adopts a straight and curse mixed grass, which has a large weight, good abrasion resistance, and environmental protection. Fourthly, a shock absorbing pad is added to increase the motion buffer and elasticity and effectively improve the sports performance and protection performance.