Comparison Between Artificial Grass and Natural Grass in Football Grass

- May 08, 2018-

In the past, we have realized that there are indeed artificial grasses and natural grasses in football pitches on the football field. However, for the comparison between the two, whether we have systematically analyzed or not systematically analyzed, Everyone will generally think that the quality of natural grass is better, but after a comparative analysis, all these choices depend on the sponsor of the football field and the specific object of use.

The reason why the artificial grass in the grass is continuously produced with the development of the times and continuously promoted to get more people's support is mainly due to some drawbacks of many natural grasses in the process of using, artificial grass in use is not Avoid the advantages. The most important factor is that it is convenient, fast, and low cost. Its convenience is mainly reflected in the manufacturing process, the technology is simple and easy to operate, and from the booking to the molding may only take a few days for more than half a month, there is the convenience in management, does not need what Maintenance, as long as there are no large chunks of very obvious rubbish can be well maintained, and the number of years of use is quite long, usually about 8 years.

There are also many trash cans near the general soccer field, and the amount of manpower required for maintenance is very small. Fastness is mainly reflected in the length of the production cycle, there is the use of the production in the formal use, basically do not need to wait any time, very fast. The most important point is that the cost is low. Although the overall cost of the cost is about 150 yuan per square meter, and the football field is so large, it costs hundreds of thousands of yuan as a whole, but compared to the use of natural grass, the artificial grass is It is already very cheap.

But when it comes to natural grass, the rest of us can talk about it for the time being, but when it comes to the consumption of specific money, it is not the average user who is eligible to use it. For example, the World Cup is a natural football grass turf that is used after being combined with various grasses. The turf use of this specification is more in pursuit of a texture when used. More or less money can be spent without consideration. For players playing on this field, this is simply the biggest pleasure in the game. However, the cycle of recovery and re-use after subsequent management and competition is relatively long.