Colorful EPDM rubber granules

- Jan 04, 2018-

With high elasticity, the EPDM rubber granules are mixed into rubber playground to avoid the reflection of strong light. The products can be matched in multiple colors. The plastic playground mixed with special colored rubber granules of Tianlu brand will not be depigmentized, pulverized or softened by UR, ozone or acid rain. The fresh colors can be kept for a long period.

Colored EPDM rubber granules are numerous in variety. They are moulded by mixing and stirring exclusive use adhesive, pigments, catalysts, antioxidant, ultraviolet absorbents, etc. The rubber floor tiles have the advantages of rich colors, elegant appearance, novel moisture-proof, shock-proof, antistatic, ventilation, wear resistance, deformation and easy cleaning.

Product performances

Resistance to color changes. The pigment powder for automobile spray painting is selected.

1. It is not affected by the weather.

2. It has high elasticity, shock-proof and shock absorption.

3. It has abrasive resistance and durability.

4. It is safe and anti-skidding.

5. With rich colors. Can be made according to customer requirement.

Range of application

Because of the high performance of its product, colorful EPDM rubber granules are not only used for ground facilities of sports field, and also widely adopted in other areas for a long time. With permanent elasticity, color change resistance and skid resistance, colorful EPDM rubber granules provide a high level of safety and security for sports and recreational activities.