Artificial turf stain treatment

- Jun 13, 2018-

Artificial turf is loved by consumers because of its unique advantages. How to deal with artificial turf stains is also a big headache for consumers. Now Tongyue provides professional treatment methods for consumers in a professional perspective:

1. Grease and chewing gum: use perchloroethylene cleaner, stained with perchloroethylene on cloth, greased with chewing gum (dry-cleaning place).

2. Ink: Use diluent and neutral detergent. After washing the stain with diluent, mix 30-40g of neutral detergent in one liter of warm water (40°C-50°C), then clean the ink.

3. Sludge: Using a neutral detergent, mix 30-40g of neutral detergent in one liter of warm water (40°C-50°C) and then clean the ink and sludge locations.

4. Metal oxide slag: Use 3% oxalic acid (oxalic acid) solution, first wash with 3% oxalic acid (oxalic acid) solution, and then wash with water.

5. Chocolate: After using light oil and neutral detergent, and using light oil to wash the stain, mix 30-40 grams of neutral detergent in warm water (40°C-50°C) and then wash the chocolate stain.

6. Blood stains: Using hydrochloric acid solution, add a half cup of salt with one liter of clear water, wash the stained part of the blood stain, and then wash it with warm water.