Artificial turf raw materials and the quality of the production process

- Dec 06, 2017-

Artificial turf raw materials and the quality of the production process:

1. Lawn uneven color, color

Different colors of grass processed into a lawn grass paving a site will have a color.

Ensure that each batch of grass thin and thick consistent, Yan Ze even, is a relatively high technical content of work, application of technical requirements of the drawing equipment production of raw grass often have chromatic aberration problems.

2. In the sunlight after the obvious fade, and uneven fade Irradiation in UV stability and color fastness is an important indicator to evaluate the artificial turf.

Artificial turf emergence or rupture is often not enough strength and wear resistance of the substrate, after a period of corrosion, aging and small displacement wear, the durability of the bottom of the artificial turf quality is a key issue.

4. Site de-silt problem may also be the bottom back scraping gum uneven, scraping gum process is not mature or grass weave caused by relatively low wear resistance. Especially for young athletes, de-silk often affects health.

5. Grass is not bright enough, friction electrostatic strong, there is a sense of stagnation.

Anti-static performance and brightness is also artificial turf products competition key links, it relates to the product of the coefficient of abrasion and the final effect of exercise. The evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of artificial turf, like other products, mainly depends on the selection of raw materials such as straw, bottom lining and scraping glue and other post-treatment processes are mature and stable.