Artificial turf raw materials

- Jul 03, 2018-

Artificial turf raw materials are our most common products - plastic products. Artificial turf adds additives to the raw materials of plastics to increase the UV performance of the products. At the same time, the hand feel and athletic performance of the product are increased to make it more elastic.

1-Polyethylene: good hand feeling, soft, bright color, good sense.

2-Polypropylene: The most obvious is the thorny hand, but it doesn't really pierce the skin, just not as smooth as PE.

3-Nylon: The original nylon is mostly imported raw materials, and there are also domestic nylons. The price difference is large, but the quality of domestic nylon is not bad. Generally used for golf or gate courts.

There are still differences between the three, which are embodied in: feel, density and athletic performance. How to distinguish the difference between the three? Can be judged from the parameters and use purposes. Generally, polyethylene is used in places where the elasticity of the site is required, such as a football field. The raw material of the football field lawn can only be polyethylene, which is a reference standard and the only standard.

The use of polypropylene is commonly used in artificial turfs for multi-purpose or recreational venues. Because PP products, especially low-end products, lack flexibility, and the final life is not long. High-end PP products can be used in tennis courts or golf.

PA is nylon, which is the most expensive raw material in artificial turf. The same high cost is the long-term service life. The artificial turf of the general nylon product not only has a good effect on the field but also has a long cycle.

Artificial turf field features

1. The artificial turf paving site can reduce friction and make the movement more smooth.

2, Not only beautiful and more durable, the overall service life of more than 8 years, the maintenance of good use time is longer.

3, The engineering steps guide the pavement throughout the process, the material is environmentally friendly, no pollution.

4, Easy to reply, good stretch, the venue can be used in regular competitions, in line with standards.

5,Ppermeable, water seepage rate can refer to the specific product test report.