Artificial Turf Price List - Artificial Turf Quotation Analysis

- Jun 05, 2018-

Artificial turf is now widely known, reluctant to use from the previous small area, and now widely used in a large area, so far the price of artificial turf continues to decline, but there is no sharp rise or fall in the price of the bad market environment.

In general, despite the fact that there are more and more manufacturers of artificial turf and more and more fierce competition, there are many cities and towns in the past and now have one or even several manufacturers. Some local cities will have many manufacturers, and there is no sign of reduction, this is one of the reasons for the decline in the price of artificial turf, and in recent years, the trend of lower prices is relatively obvious, artificial turf is divided into two categories, one is the type of sports monofilament artificial Lawn, another is casual artificial turf with straight tunes. In the case of a sports field like football, prices ranged from the previous one hundred yuan to the current tens of yuan or even lower prices. The current average price on the market is still around fifty yuan. In addition to some special specifications, the price of sports artificial turf is lower than that of artificial turf for football. For example, the price of artificial turf for basketball courts will be lower than that of football.

The cost of recreational artificial turf is higher than that of sports artificial turf because of the cost of the turf. From the current market conditions, the quotations of the major manufacturers are all higher than the range of more than ten yuan for sports, but Because some bad coins drive out good money, no matter if it is a casual or sports category, some prices will be eye-popping. Because of the price war, some manufacturers will shorten the shelf life and reduce the friction rate, lower the price, and disrupt the market. Therefore, how much the price should be based on several relatively large domestic regular manufacturers, do not blindly listen to some false quotes.

In fact, the price of artificial turf is constrained by various factors, such as raw materials, because the main raw materials for artificial turf are polyethylene and polypropylene. The prices of these raw materials have been increasing in recent years, but the price of artificial turf has indeed declined. Trends, along with the increasing costs of manpower and material resources and other aspects, have made the profitability of many large manufacturers less and less.