Artificial turf needle pitch and artificial turf technical parameters

- May 29, 2018-

Do you want to know what is the number of artificial turf needles? What is the number of needles in artificial turf technical parameters? Then I will tell you in detail what is the number of artificial turf needles! What is the needle number of artificial turf? How to calculate?

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The number of artificial turf needles refers to the number of clusters per square meter of artificial turf and grass. The number of turf stitches commonly used in football is 10,500 stitches, which means that there are 10,500 bunches of grass thread per square meter.

So how do we quickly calculate the number of clusters per square meter? If the turf model number is 3/4, then there are 52.5 rows of grass per metre of turf. The number of clusters per metre per line is 10500/52.5 = 200 clusters, then the number of clusters per 10cm is 20 clusters. . That is to say, for a turf having a pitch of 3/4, the number of clusters 10 cm along the longitudinal direction of each row is 20 clusters, which is equivalent to 10500 needles per square meter.

The same method can be used to calculate a standard 5/8, 10500 needle turf per square meter, with 16.7 needles per 10 cm cluster.

Artificial turf is generally referred to as the parameter, referring to the type of turf, the height of the grass and the number of needles. Take a turf 25mm high and a 16-prong turf for example. How are these values generally calculated? Let's tell everyone today how to calculate the turf parameters.

Artificial turf density calculation method:

We can look at the back of the turf based on the sample. Each cluster is called a needle. "Cluster density" refers to the number of needle grass per square meter, usually 16800 needles/m2, 18900 needles/m2, 22050 needles/m2, and of course other densities, but these three are the most common .

How is "cluster density" calculated? We all know that the area of a rectangle is long and wide, so the "cluster density" is calculated in the same way.

Artificial turf needle number calculation method:

The length of "cluster density" is called "needle number," which is to take a 10cm ruler, and then count how many needles there are in the 10cm. Commonly we have 16, 18, and 21 needles.

The width of "cluster density" is called "pin pitch". Since the turf production machine was originally imported from abroad, the unit is inches.