Artificial turf Matters needing attention

- Dec 06, 2017-

Artificial turf Matters needing attention

1, Do not wear 5mm long or more than 5mm spikes strenuous exercise on the lawn (including high heels).

2, prohibit any motor vehicle driving on the lawn.

3, prohibit long-term pressure placed on the lawn.

4, Prohibition of shot put, javelin, discus or other high-drop-type exercise on the lawn.

5, all kinds of oil pollution is prohibited lawn.

6, snow days prohibit immediately stampede, the need to sweep the surface of the snow before use.

7, prohibited on the lawn litter chewing gum and all debris.

8, all fireworks.

9, prohibit the use of corrosive solvents on the lawn.

10, is strictly prohibited to bring sugary drinks admission.

11, Do not destructive tear lawn fiber.

12, it is forbidden to spoil the lawn base

13, sports lawn to keep the sand filled with quartz smooth, to ensure the ball's trajectory or bounce trajectory.