Artificial turf gate court standard size

- Jun 11, 2018-

There are two standard sizes of artificial turf gates: 15*20 meters or 20*25 meters, surrounded by an auxiliary area of not less than 1 meter, and the perimeter is well-blocked.

The gateball is a sport that is very suitable for the elderly. Due to the generally large age of the sports group, the movement of the elderly is usually slower and the pace of action cannot keep pace. Based on the above factors, the construction of the gateball court has higher requirements. From the construction materials for the gateball court, the use of a dedicated gate court artificial turf is recommended because it is an artificial turf with strong mobility based on the principles of ergonomics, mechanics, etc., making the venues well-moving and non-directional. Sex.

The flatness of the artificial turf at the gate court is relatively good, which ensures the friction between the athlete and the turf. At the same time, the artificial turf at the gate court also has a certain degree of elasticity, which helps to reduce the injuries suffered by the athletes. The artificial turf laying on the croquet court requires little ground, as long as the ground is smooth, it can be cement or concrete foundation. Prior to the construction of the artificial turf at the gateball court, adequate preparations must be made. The drawing of the site and the construction site must be repeatedly inspected to confirm compliance with the specifications.

During the construction process, the artificial turf is first placed in the designated position and spread out; secondly, when the joint is seamed, the front and back of the joint must be determined, and the adhesive joint must be held within the allowable error range. Since the density of the artificial turf at the gateball court is several times that of the ordinary artificial turf, no additional silica sand or rubber particles are added during the construction, which not only simplifies the construction process, but also reduces the construction cost to some extent. As the activity venue of the elderly, the gateball field is crucial for the selection of materials. The use of artificial turf meets its basic needs, ensuring the health of the elderly and making them more dynamic.