Artificial turf gate course

- Jul 10, 2018-

Today, the gate courts are mostly laid on artificial turf. The artificial turf is not only soft and easy to clean, but also safe, environmentally friendly, cost-effective and long-lasting, making it the number one choice for paving the gate. Among its many advantages, there is an exceptionally outstanding advantage: easy to lay. This can greatly save the manpower and material resources consumed in the construction of the goal court.

The standard size of the gate field competition area is 15*20 meters, surrounded by restricted areas, and then the auxiliary area is generally set with retaining walls. The lawn produced by Boxiangyuan artificial turf is directly a complete set of restricted areas, white line grass + red area. Grass + white line grass, eliminating the need for on-site splicing, reducing seams and wear, can be used directly on the floor.

First of all, to lay the gate course lawn, we must observe the slope and flatness of the paved ground, and correct the uneven ground to ensure that the ground where the artificial lawn is to be laid meets the requirements. After confirming that the site is qualified, the line is laid out, and the vertical and horizontal axes of the site are determined, and the center of the site and the boundary of the four sides are determined.

The artificial turf of the gate court is arranged on the site according to the drawings, and the inspection is carried out to check whether the lawn is damaged or wrinkled. If everything is ok, park the turf for a while and let it stretch to the normal state, starting from the long side of the field. Pay attention to the front and back of the seam belt when cutting the seams, and cut and clean the overlapping parts of the lawn.

Lay the seam tape on the foundation of the artificial turf joint and evenly apply special glue. After the glue is dry, bond all the green artificial turf parts. The gap between the bonds must be controlled within three millimeters to prevent more visible seam marks after bonding.

After the bonding process is completed, draw the line. The so-called line drawing is to cut the turf and set the white line according to the position of the drawing. In this process, it is necessary to strictly follow the drawings and the standards required by the manufacturer, and pay special attention to the linearity of the cutting when cutting the turf. After the line to be drawn is completed, the sand is uniformly sanded, so that the lawn of the gate course is laid.

Is it very simple and convenient to use a artificial lawn to lay a gate course? Compared with natural turf and other paving materials, the artificial turf of the gate court is not only easy to lay, but also has a series of advantages such as high simulation and easy care. If you need to lay the gate field, what reason is it not to choose it?


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