Artificial turf construction process

- Dec 06, 2017-

Artificial turf construction process

1, Glue: Glue applicator is required to apply a uniform thickness on the surface, can not be repeated glue, otherwise there will be bubbles, or even drop. At the end of the cloth using glue, strict control of the thickness of the glue, pay attention to the speed of the glue should be appropriate, when the glue should be applied to the two bonding surface to be bonded.

2, sticky: According to the actual conditions of the temperature, humidity, pressure and other conditions, reasonable control of airing time. Generally 10 to 30 minutes after the glue, the glue reaches 89% dry sticky non-stick is appropriate. Adhesion requires a one-time alignment viscous, must not move back and forth after bonding and bonding objects.

3, Pressurization: After re-bonding, clear the surface of debris, with a special rubber hammer from the adhesive to the hammer on both sides of the solid, so that the surface full contact dense, bonding stronger.

4, curing: The curing time is generally three days, the final test intensity is generally ten days. During curing should pay attention to maintenance, to avoid exposure, flooding and movement, has reached the best state of bonding.

5, after the bonding in the unpaved quartz sand and rubber particles before the need to use imported cleaners on the site of turf cut debris for cleaning.