Artificial turf construction preparation

- Dec 06, 2017-

1, inspection and acceptance of basic engineering.

Remove the debris in the foundation, if there are irregularities, should be promptly repaired, leveling. Construction sites must be cleanly cleaned to ensure the cleanliness of the environment and the quality of construction.

2, measurement and lofting

2.1, according to the planning of the plan, the implementation of measurement and stakeout.

2.2, using theodolite or other precision measuring instruments, measuring the surrounding facilities to meet the size of the stadium. If inappropriate, should be promptly modified to allow the error of 5 mm.

2.3, pavement pavement:

2.3.1 The turf according to the original specifications tile on the ground, between the turf need to take 3 to 8 mm.

2.3.4 will lap the lawn cutter cut flush with the grass. Seams should be no greater than 3 mm.

2.3.5 Laying under the cutting area lap cloth, and with a glue on the bonding surface of the brush on the adhesive, finger touch dry and then click firmly.

3, sod bonding construction process instructions

3.1, to be bonded to the underside of the turf, the interface cloth clean, and the surface dry without water.

3.2, the ambient temperature should be selected in the construction of more than 5 ℃ is appropriate, and should not be in the rain and rainy weather construction, otherwise it will lead to bonding too long or even cause non-stick phenomenon.