Artificial lawn fill

- Dec 06, 2017-

The filling of quartz sand and rubber particles is the most important link in the construction process. Only after the artificial turf surface material is installed and finished, it can be filled with quartz sand and rubber particles after the inspection is completed and firm. The specification and number of filling specifications are determined separately based on the height and density of the grass. It should be noted that, must use special sandblasting machine and brush equipment to fill the particles in order to ensure the formation of the site uniformity and uniformity, while helping to improve the performance of the venue. And quartz sand and rubber particles must be completely dry material can be applied, otherwise the stems will be overwhelmed and affect the filling quality. Quartz sand should be taken to fill multiple layers, each layer must be filled with a brush to brush back and forth to fill the full fill. Usually a venue to play back and forth more than 20 times is better.