Artificial Grass: Your dog’s best friend

- Mar 15, 2018-

With so many homeowners turning to artificial grass, we often get questions about the benefits of natural grass vs. synthetic. In particular, the question of whether artificial grass gardens are pet-friendly is an important one.

Many dog owners we speak to have reservations over choosing artificial grass for their garden, fearful that their pets won’t like it. But the truth is, we’ve lost count of the number of homeowners who have told us how happy their beloved pet is in their garden.

To ensure you and your dog get the most out of an artificial grass lawn, there are a few things you should bear in mind. For example, synthetic surfaces are low maintenance, rather than no maintenance, and a good brush from time to time goes a long way to keeping them looking their best. This is particularly important for gardens with dogs, as they tend to tread specific paths which will flatten over time, so you’ll need to pay specific attention to these areas.

Likewise, although you’ll be glad to hear that there’s absolutely no problem with your dog answering the call of nature on artificial turf, cleaning will be required. Our surfaces are very resistant to stains and smells, but please remove any waste as soon as you can, and hose down the area to ensure the turf stays fresh and clean.

Lastly, any fears over how pet-friendly the materials that make up artificial grass really are can be easily allayed. At TigerTurf, we use the highest quality yarns, from our parent company TenCate, which contain no toxic properties.

With these great features and with such minimal upkeep needed to keep an artificial lawn looking great, I hope we’ve been able to answer why it’s such a good option to consider for those with pets.