Artificial grass woven methods

- Jun 06, 2018-

Artificial turf is a non-living chemical fiber or plastic material, artificial alternative method of turf made. Compared with natural turf, artificial turf can be used outdoors in all weather conditions. It is affected by the rain and snow weather. The protection is simple and the protection cost is low. It is not replaceable by natural turf.

The carpet surface of artificial turf can be divided into two types: mosaic type and woven type. Knitted lawns are mostly made of nylon and the products are blankets. Compared with the tessellated tuft type turf, the woven artificial turf has a messy production process, the price is relatively expensive, the lawn has a large surface hardness, and the buffer function is not good, but the lawn is uniform and robust. Compared with woven lawns, mosaic-type lawns have longer and larger changes in leaf-shaped fibers, ranging from 12mm to 55mm, and can be adjusted according to special needs. Quartz sand, rubber particles or a mixture of the two are filled in between the grasses. The appearance and performance are also close to that of the natural turf. Equipment can be used indoors and outdoors.

Artificial turf has now become popular with campuses, stadiums and other public places. Together, artificial turf mats are not only non-slip, dust-removing, and easy to clean, but also resemble real grass and have a landscaping feeling. Nowadays, they are also used as aspirational household items and have been favored by ordinary consumers and have a very broad market prospect.