Artificial grass is a great option for pets owners

- Jan 25, 2018-

Pets owners will know that how it is difficult to maintain a clean and attractive garden while struggling with distruction and mess that pets bring. We are all finding the  balance of beautiful garden and pets accompany.

Synthetic grass is an increasingly popular way to cover your backyard that’s attractive, practical, and great for pets. Every year, 10 to 15% more people choose artificial grass over real grass, and it’s easy to see why.

The Problems with Real Grass

Natural grass is very time consuming to maintain. Once it’s laid, it must be mowed, fertilized, and weeded all year round, to ensure it continues to look good and be healthy which require huge cost. It can therefore be very frustrating when your pets decide to dig it up or make a mess on it. With pets, real grass causes a number of issues. The soil is easy for them to break apart, and this damage can take months to repair. It is also very challenging to clean real grass. Spraying it with water is often of no use, and oversaturating the area with water will cause mud, puddles, and could possibly kill certain areas of grass, too. Real grass often requires the use of pesticides too, which could harm your pet if they consume them.

Synthetic Grass can Solve These Issues

The problems that real grass presents for a pet owner can all be solved through using synthetic grass. There’s no need to worry about the health of your pet, as artificial grass doesn’t require the use of any pesticides, fertilizer, or other harmful chemicals.

Naturally, as artificial grass is synthetic, there’s no need to water it. Although there’s a higher initial outlay for the cost of the turf, this is quickly offset by the lack of money being spent on water, fertilizer, mowing, or gardeners. Over its lifespan, artificial grass will be far more cost efficient than its natural equivalent.