Artificial grass drainage system

- Feb 06, 2018-

Is drainage important for artificial grass? Definitely! It is crucial that rainwater is drained away from the grass, or you’re likely to end up with bothersome pools of water lying on the grass every time it rains or when you are watering your grass.

If artificial grass isn’t installed with drainage in mind, the life expectancy of your grass will be shortened considerably if you live in areas of high rainfall. The pools of water can make the grass look unlevel in some places and, of course, children and pets won’t be able to play on the grass without getting wet!

There are generally three surfaces of the ground: soil, aggregate and sand. Based on these, you should make sure that the existing slabs is as level as possible. And the installer would recommend lay a layer of cloth to prevent the weeds.

By carrying out a full excavation of the existing surface, any reputable installer can tell you how much drainage you should be laying to prevent any flooding issues!

Remember, not all installers will carry out an artificial grass installation the same way. You should also read reviews, speak with existing customers and do your research before you hire someone to install your lawn!

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