Artificial grass and natural grass

- Jan 12, 2018-

After generations of artificial turf renewal, grass has been comparable with the natural grass. Artificial turf can control the formation of squeeze according to the unique filling system and shoe sole grip, and produce a steady grasp of grip and soles fit. Its "spatial memory" performance is to help the turf quickly return to the original shape, helps to reduce exercise fatigue.

1. Artificial grass with excellent performance has good flexibility and almost real sense

In particular, the artificial grass has the tolerance of exercise which is incomparable with the natural lawn. Products can be used all-day without color-fading, undistortion as well as durable and everlasting.

2. The artificial grass is Made of non-toxic polymer materials for users' health. It can prevent you from bacteria, mold, viruses for the The laying of artificial grass isolates from the direct contact of human body. Artificial grass has smooth and soft appearance and the athletes can maintain the safety and comfort that natural grass brings. 

3. Suitable for a variety of basic ground and no strict comments for the basis.

4. Simple daily maintenance without replanting, pruning, watering, fertilizing, weeds, pest control and many other conservation work, saving a lot of water and manual work.

The origin of artificial turf:

Artificial turf originated in the 1960s used in the American football field. The structure of artificial turf fiber mimics the plant morphology and color of natural grass. The synthetic fibers of PP and PE has good performance of UV-resistance,unparalleled friction and durability. Artificial turf is more economical than natural turf for natural lawn needs pruning, irrigation, fertilization and other daily maintenance. Artificial turf can last 6-8 years which natural grass is grew seasonally.

In terms of durability, natural lawn can withstand the use of limited strength and should not be held more than 5 games a week. Meanwhile,it can just be postpondedwhen rains and snows.Natural lawns are also not suitable for excessive non-competition activities such as large-scale public events.

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