The materials for artificial grass

- Apr 10, 2018-

Artificial lawn is divided into injection artificial lawn and weaving artificial lawn according to production technology.

The injection molding of artificial turf is made by injection molding. The plastic particles are extruded at once in the mold, and the turf is bent with bending technology, so that the grass leaves are evenly spaced and equal, and the height of the grass leaves is completely unified. Suitable for kindergarten, playground, balcony, green, gold etc..

Weave lawn to imitate grass leaf like synthetic fiber, implants on the woven fabric base cloth, and the back coat is coated on the back to make artificial turf on the sports field, the leisure field, the golf course, the garden floor and the green ground.

Its raw materials are mainly polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), and polyvinyl chloride and polyamide as well. The leaves are green like natural grass and need ultraviolet absorbers.

Polyethylene (PE): hand feel is more soft, appearance and movement performance is closer to natural grass, and is widely accepted by users. It is the most widely used artificial grass fiber raw material in the market.

Polypropylene (PP): grass fiber is hard. It is generally suitable for tennis courts, playgrounds, runways or decorations. Wear resistance is slightly worse than polyethylene

Niron (Nylon): it is the earliest artificial grass fiber material, and belongs to the first generation of artificial grass fiber. Grass is soft, comfortable.